Scoptonic provides optical design, prototyping, development and manufacturing services in the field of optical imaging.

A value of interdisciplinary R&D services is at the heart of what Scoptonic does. Continuous and close collaboration from the first consultation to production gives clients satisfaction and usable business value.

Scoptonic’s experts provide professional solutions in OCT systems, microscopy, lasers, design of optomechanical components, systems control electronics and software, as the results of years of experience at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland) and NCU (Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun, Poland) with close connection to local and international business.


Scoptonic works with Clients to help to develop optically based products:

< Project development

< Optomechanical design

< Electronics and firmware development

< Optical design services

< Software development

< Manufacturing process

< Quality control

< Product launch

< Service

Company offers complete optical engineering services and solutions:

Scoptonic Software supports Clients to improve quality, reduce time to get on the market and enhance research by offering unique, tailor made and integrated imaging software solutions. The team counts both on highly qualified and experienced software engineers.

Scoptonic Software services:

Precise - fast and careful validation of clients ideas:

< Modelling / Simulations

< Software prototyping

< Testing environment for comparing results

< Multiple dimensions over various time points

Focus - solving clients problems, not just delivering features:

< Problem solving strategy

< Implementations of signals and images analysis algorithms

< A possibility to design neutral networks and classification algorithms

< Test driven development

Development - integration of different solutions to create software:

< GPU Programming

< Reusability of software components

< IO control

< Dispersed application

< Use of external software modules

< Neural networks

< Application scaling

Openness - to follow Clients' needs:

< Tailor-made software

< Software modifications

< Support

< Consultations

< Remote service

< Software update

< Agile Project Management

Scoptonic Hardware supports Clients in designing electronic devices tailored to their needs and their software. The team, having many years of scientific and business experience, offers solutions not available on the market, designing devices by integrating several available solutions into one:

< Controlling light sources

< Controlling GALVO/MEMS scanners

< Controlling engines and positioning systems

< Controlling light detectors

< Designing dedicated solutions

< Designing acquisition systems

Scoptonic Hardware services:

Design - focused on providing custom-made and state-of-the-art hardware and electronics solutions:

< Specification assistance

< Prototype device scheme

< Selection of components

< Selection of different types of protocols

< Electronic system design

Programming - employing the newest technologies as well as already proven solutions:

< Programming electronic systems: FPGA

< Programming microcontrollers:

<< Languages: C/C++, Assembler

<< Environments: Atmel Studio, Atollic, CooCox, Eclipse, PsoC Designer

< Preparing computer application for communication with the device:

<< Languages: C++, C++/CLI, C#

<< Environments: Visual Studio

Manufacturing - successfully integrated sophisticated and operationally reliable systems:

< Designing prototypes

< Production of devices

< Manual and automatic soldering

< Electronic systems testing

Scoptonic Optics offers a wide range of optical services, based on scientific and practical experience in designing optical systems.

Scoptonic Optics services:

< Cost effective designing of optical components and systems

< Characterization and testing product performance

< Product design visualization, analysis and testing

< Adjustment strategies for optical elements

< Assembling optical systems

< Fabrication support and plan

Scoptonic Mechanics assures integration of its solutions with Client's devices. Uniquely skilled in a complete range of mechanical equipment and systems.

Scoptonic Mechanics services:

< Designing Engineering

< 3D Modeling

< Prototyping

< Testing

< Component production

< Assembling

< Professional advice and documentation

Whenever a Client turns to Scoptonic for individual services or complete systems development, engineers will work to develop their ideas or solve problems according to schedule and within budget.

Our Team

Scoptonic's engineering team includes individuals with broad optical designing skills and decades of education and experience ranging from highly skilled technicians to PhD's:

< Optics, Optical Design, Optical Systems
< Mechanical, Optomechanical Design Electronic, Electrical & Electromechanical Design
< Software, Firmware, Embedded Programming
< Industrial Design, Manufacturing & Automation
< Agile & PRINCE2 Project Management

The team is equipped with optical and mechanical designing tools to provide electro-optic-mechanical services.



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